5 Things You Must Know About Copywriting In 2022

Copywriting has always been an important part of marketing and business. However, its importance is often overlooked. Due to the pandemic, businesses are forced to adapt quickly and embrace digital transformation — making copywriting even more important than ever. 

Just like every other aspect of a business, the requirements and trends for copywriting are also ever-changing. Changes in the economy, technology, and market demands will affect the effectiveness of the copy we’re writing. 

This is why it is essential for writers and business owners to understand what they should expect from copywriting in 2022. 

1. Be aware of current situations and context

In general, copywriters should always be focused on the goal of the copy, who they are writing the copy for, and the key messages that should be covered in the piece of writing. However, copywriters should be especially attentive when creating copy during and after the pandemic. 

With everyone dealing with some kind of loss and day-to-day challenges that they have never encountered before, it is crucial for copywriters to put more thought into the context and current situation to avoid triggering the reader’s negative emotions. 

2. Leveraging AI Copywriting

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AI copywriting is generated by allowing machine learning software to go through millions of web pages to identify patterns and generate new content on a specific topic. Whether you need a new tagline, emails, headlines, product descriptions, captions, it can whip up something for you within just a few seconds. All you have to do is add a few parameters and let the software work its magic. 

There are quite a few great AI software that can create, edit, and polish copy. The question is, can they produce quality copy for your business? Although it can save you a lot of time, effort, and brainpower, AI copywriting has its own limitations. 

Algorithms cannot replace the human factor. The user has to check for the accuracy of the copy and ensure that the language and tone is appropriate, and the goal of the copy is met. Most importantly, it is crucial to check whether the copy resonates and is able to incite the intended audience’s emotions. 

3. Personalized and authentic copy is king

How can you differentiate your business from your competitors? The answer lies in creating personalized and authentic content. Whether you’re writing email newsletters, blog articles, or social media content, it is important to ensure that your copy is original and the message resonates with your target audience. 

When it comes to email marketing, you need to build a close relationship with your customers. This requires a personal touch, a creative mind, and a damn good copywriter. 

4. Long-form copy is back in the game

It’s hard to win people’s attention, and even harder to maintain it. That is why marketers are not keen to use long-form copy for marketing campaigns in recent years. However, every audience is different. As we grow older or as our experiences change, so do preferences when receiving information. 

In 2022, we’re expecting the return of long-form copy. Blog writing continues to be crucial for SEO but now it also provides more monetization options for content creators. A good long-form copy combined with graphic design makes for a winning duo. Remember to always break long copy into multiple short paragraphs and bullet points, making skimming easier and making sure that it is easily readable on mobile screens. 

5. Copywriting for video content

2022 is the year of video marketing. As videos now represent over 82% of all content, it’s more important than ever to make sure your message stands out and gets attention from potential customers in a flooded marketplace. 

Your message must be clear and engaging to keep viewers interested — so don’t forget about video captions. You can improve search engine optimization (SEO) on YouTube as well as get bonus points from social network algorithms if you include subtitles during your post-production.

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