Ghostwriters are ready to haunt (Read: Write for) you!

We know what you’re thinking.

And the answer is no. We’re not forcing poor Casper (or any of his ghostly buddies) to type away on any keyboard. 

Now you might be wondering “So who are these so-called ghostwriters?”

Ghostwriters are people who are hired to write a piece of content for a company or individual, who will then publish the content as their own. They won’t receive any credit for their work —  but they’ll receive lots of money for it!

As a ghostwriter, you’ll also gain major perks. You can be friends with influencers, bloggers, even public figures. These connections may even be more valuable than the commission itself!

“But why would anyone want to hire a ghostwriter?”

  • Saves you time: It takes a lot of time, a huge effort, and even if you managed to find the willpower to write, the result may not be what you expected. But by delegating writing tasks to a ghostwriter, you can focus on your main tasks instead of just staring at a blank screen.  
  • They are professional writers: You can have the best service or product within your industry, but if you can’t communicate “Why” people should buy it — you won’t get the result you expected. But ghostwriters spend most of their time writing and perfecting their craft. So why not just let the professional do the work? 
  • Authenticity: Most people think a ghostwriter diminishes authenticity. But it is not a problem with reputable ghostwriters. They will work closely with their clients, pinpointing the voice, and communicating the author’s ideas in the most coherent, concise, and authentic way possible. 

With the help of a ghostwriter, your wealth of experiences and personal stories can be turned into a well-written piece of writing — whether it’s in the form of a biography, a novel, or an article. 

“Hmm… Sounds interesting! What should I do if I want to be a ghostwriter?”

Here’s some tricks for ghostwriters to earn some treats (When I say treats, I mean money)

  1. Learn how to create kickass content & portfolio. You can do that by:
  • Practice writing solid headlines
  • Sharpen your storytelling skills
  • Learn how to emotionally engage your readers
  1. Take the time to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Help your clients rank on Google… and they’ll shower you with all the treats in the world I tell you
  1. And finally find a paying client. You can find them through:
  • Linkedin
  • Freelancing sites
  • Referrals
  • Partnering with an agency

Interested in hiring a professional ghostwriter? We got your back! Click here to start a project with us!

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