How Can Artificial Intelligence Help With Your Copywriting?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology in the marketing industry that will change the way copywriters work. The buzz about whether AI will make creatives and copywriters redundant isn’t going away anytime soon, as there is no definite answer to it. One thing is for sure, copywriters have traits and skills that AI doesn’t have, such as empathy, creativity, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to understand subtleties. 

Nevertheless, copywriters should consider using AI tools in their day-to-day work to give themselves a competitive advantage. AI can give us copywriters a hand to help brands craft a unique image, avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in our copy, and come up with good content ideas.

AI demonstrates that it is more than just a trendy tool, but something that creatives and copywriters should embrace to help them create quality content in a shorter time. But how will AI tools help copywriters write faster, better, and easier?

1. Save time and energy

Good content requires in-depth research and planning, which takes a significant amount of time. In a world with an abundance of information, you want to create unique content that stands out from the rest. AI copywriting tools can be a game-changer when it comes to crafting content quickly and efficiently – it all boils down to using AI tools smartly to help you to stimulate ideas and complete your tasks quicker. 

With the help of AI tools, you can reduce the time spent on researching, outlining, and planning, while still delivering quality content. AI tools give you plenty of features to work with – from text summarizing to content improvers – generating ideas or topics to kickstart your creative process. 

AI tools not only give you that creative spark you need, but can also come up with new copy formats that fit different mediums to explain products and services in engaging ways. If you are rushing to meet deadlines, you can also work on AI-generated copy by localizing it or adding your creative flair to make it unique! 

2. Improves accuracy and readability

As marketers, you may have the upper hand when it comes to incorporating emotional writing and messages in your content, but we  are still subject to the occasional mistake. Even the best writers are not excluded.

Fortunately, AI has emerged as a powerful tool to overcome this problem — it can fix existing grammatical and spelling errors to build sentences with perfect structure and readability, resulting in error-free content. You won’t have to worry about misspelling “calendar” as “calender’ or messing up the usage of “in” and “within”, AI tools will ensure that your composed copy is free from these mistakes that you are prone to overlook. 

Pro Tip: QuillBot can help you paraphrase sentences, fix grammar mistakes, and rewrite paragraphs to reduce the time you spend researching and editing.

3. Overcome writer’s block

We all know the feeling of distress when we’re stuck on a blank page — your mind is blank or your thoughts are in disarray, and you just can’t seem to pen down anything. Writer’s block is like a physical wall between you and your words, and overcoming it is no easy feat.

Whether creating taglines or drafting articles, sometimes we need a little inspiration to keep the ideas flowing. AI tools can help break down your writer’s block by providing you with a content outline or generating paragraphs that provide ideas to kickstart your creative process.

But still, AI is not a tool that can read your mind — you will have to start by figuring out your audience and the purpose and context of your content. All you have to do is guide the AI tool by inputting suitable prompts and keywords to generate ideas that may have slipped your mind, helping you free up precious time for other writing tasks.

4. Produce high-quality content quicker

Nowadays, brands have to communicate their product, image, and values with their customers on many social media platforms, and it’s the job of copywriters to create content that meets the needs of different mediums and audiences. For instance, the friendly and casual language used for TikTok captions will be unsuitable for LinkedIn’s corporate posts; therefore, copywriters must tailor their copy accordingly.

The audience wants content like how we want our food: fresh, new, and of good quality. How do copywriters overcome the struggle of churning out unique content frequently when time and resources are limited?

The good news is that AI tools help you avoid the tedious task of writing everything from scratch by repurposing old content to create new ones. It is a challenge for copywriters to find new ways of saying the same thing, but we can speed up our creative process by inputting prompts into an AI tool to get content ideas and outlines almost instantly.

If a brand is running a month-long promotional event, it would want to inform its audience about the promotional event frequently throughout the month. As a copywriter, how can you write copy that describes the same thing over and over again without sounding like a broken record? An AI tool can help you rewrite sentences or paragraphs in different styles for various platforms to widen the brand’s outreach.

Pro tip: You can use to generate a variety of materials, from blog intros to social media ads, to fit a variety of platforms.

5. Increased content personalization

Speaking to your intended audience requires you to personalize your content. In today’s crowded marketplace, constantly producing content is not enough. Copywriters must produce readable copy that is relatable, informative, and unique to stand out from all the noise. 

If your business is selling dairy products, the way you convey the benefits of milk to the elderly and teenagers is going to be very different. Copywriters will want to highlight the health benefits of dairy products through a blog article for the former, and emphasize the variety of product flavors offered through a 30-second video for the latter.

You can have several copywriters write for your business based on the same set of information, but no two will ever be the same. Each copy will vary in its tone of voice, writing style, and language, according to the copywriters’ own understanding of the target audience and the platform. AI tools can help copywriters personalize the content based on the readers’ needs, the platform used, and the intended marketing purposes. 

Pro tip: Try out to set the tone of voice for your content to give your copy a touch of personalization. 

6. Make sure your copy is SEO-optimized 

Crafting great copy serves the overall objective of making your brand image highly-engaging and interesting, which entices your target audience to become a customer. It is more important than ever to craft SEO-optimized web copy as a part of your brand’s outreach strategy. By ensuring your website ranks well in search engine results, SEO copywriting is a crucial method to gain clicks and build a wide customer base.

We know that not all copywriters are familiar with SEO copywriting, but fret not, AI tools can help you generate SEO-optimized blog topics and headlines. With algorithms that help find SEO-optimized keywords and craft creative phrases, you don’t have to spend time analyzing keywords and figuring out an SEO strategy for your website. AI tools are capable of analyzing large amounts of information to figure out the right keywords and phrases, helping copywriters create optimized and unique content that will rank well and translate into more website clicks.

Pro tip: Rytr can help you generate SEO-optimized headlines and a content outline by entering just a few keywords. 

* * *

Even though AI is capable of performing basic copywriting roles, it is also the job of copywriters to prompt and input information into AI tools for them to produce good ideas. AI-generated content alone won’t be able to keep your audience engaged. It also requires a copywriter’s capability of understanding nuances, integrating local context, and eliminating biases to craft outstanding copy.

Copywriters and marketers, it’s time to ride the tide of artificial intelligence to make waves in the marketing industry! Jobs do not disappear, they evolve from time to time according to current conditions and technological advancements. Writers, editors, and content creators are encouraged to embrace the new era of marketing by incorporating the use of AI tools to produce better content. 

Looking for copywriters who can write great copy by combining their skills and the use of advanced tools? Reach out to us today!

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