Let’s Get to Know Each Other, Shall We?

Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Graciela Theodorus

(Chief Creative Officer)

What I do: Rocking the alphabetical keyboard all day long

What I like: Sushi, smiling clients, chillin’ with an awesome book, anything music-related, thrifting cool clothes, getting freebies (who doesn’t?)

What I dislike: Mean people, being late, slow internet, math, scary movies, ants, coffee (Very un-writer-like I know. Can’t take a sip without hurting my stomach unfortunately *sigh*)

"Avin Pokardas

(Content Strategy Officer)

What I do: Winning you (and your customers!) over, one mind-blowing idea at a time

What I like: Happy clients, luxury watches,  getting my team to laugh at my jokes, travelling, my wife’s cooking, reading

What I dislike: Tardiness, small meals, staying in a city for too long, slow wifi

Storytellers...that’s who we are

Our team of seasoned writers can provide well-written contents in English and Indonesian that are specifically tailored to your audience’s interests, your brand voice, and your marketing goals.

Our expertise lies in storytelling and building a powerful brand narrative — which allows us to create a strong key message that can be translated into different kinds of contents and delivered across a multitude of channels.

We can’t wait to work our magic for you!

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