2020 Holiday Marketing Trends: 3 Things to Watch Out For

Do you know who’ll be as busy as Santa’s Elves during the holidays? 2020 holiday marketing trends


Yes, they’re the ones who will be working around the clock to create kick-ass holiday advertising campaigns for their brands. 

Usually, they will usually look at last year’s holiday trends as a reference for their upcoming holiday campaign — however, that won’t be enough for the holiday season of 2020.

For this holiday season, marketers need to be aware and address the changes in people’s lifestyles along with financial challenges that everyone faces due to the global pandemic. 

To give you a better understanding, check out these 2020 holiday marketing trends that you need to watch out for!

The rise of e-commerce

Image by Negative Space from Pexels

A holiday season seems incomplete without the images of people lining up outside retail stores to buy gifts for their loved ones. However, this year is going to be completely different.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people became reluctant to shop in-store. This includes holiday shoppers and gift-givers who will most likely buy their gifts online and send them to the recipients.

Since there are more people who prefer online shopping, it’s important to have a build a strong online presence for your brand. Having high-converting copywriting for your website, a clear product description, and a compelling ad campaign is key to your holiday marketing success. 

From spenders to savers

Image by luxstorm from Pixabay

Covid-19 also changed the spending habits of people all over the world. With so many people runs the risk of losing their jobs, buyers become more cautious about spending money. 

They will be more value-conscious and less impulsive in their buying decisions. This does not necessarily mean that they will buy the cheapest stuff on the market — on the contrary, they want products that will last a long time and buy from brands who share similar values with them.

Your key takeaway from this trend is to make sure that your marketing materials communicate the value of your product and the ethics of your brand clearly. By doing so, buyers will not just see a product, but a cause to support and the value they will gain by buying from your brand. 

Empathetic Marketing

With so many people losing their jobs, having a relative who got sick, and struggling with the stay-at-home directive, brands need to change the way they communicate to their audience.

Changes in social or political climate can cause people to become more sensitive to certain messages in your marketing campaigns, change the way they think, along with their buying behavior. So, how should marketers respond to these changes?

This is where empathy comes into play. A majority of people want reassurance, a sense of security, and positivity amidst the doom and gloom. And people look to brands to give them a sense of optimism and reassurance that we will overcome this challenge.

That is why it is important for brands to create empathetic marketing messages that are based on the current problems, pain points, and desires that their customers have.

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