5 Essential Copywriting Tips For Tourism Businesses

The tourism industry is ready for a strong comeback in the post-pandemic era.

Many people want to break free from home, eager to explore new places and revisit old favorites to seek exciting adventures.

It’s time for business owners in the tourism industry to appeal to the growing sense of wanderlust — ride on the wave of the travel boom and put your business out there with copywriting!

Social media platforms are powerful marketing tools to promote your business to travelers worldwide. Pioneer your marketing strategy with shareable, engaging, and authentic content, and watch your content travel far and wide among your audience with the magic of copywriting.

Want to entice your readers to book their trip and go on an adventure? Follow these five copywriting tips:

  1. Tell stories to build connections

In the world of travel copywriting, outstanding copywriters must master the art of crafting engaging travel stories that will connect with the right people. We have to understand our audience well to develop engaging content that builds an emotional connection.

Today’s modern travelers crave more than just fancy hotels and shopping spots. For example, older travelers seek enriching experiences in a serene environment, while young adventurers prefer off-the-beaten-path destinations, seeking unique experiences over material possessions.

Take your audience through the customer journey with storytelling to foster credibility and trust. Your content should address their questions, alleviate their concerns, and ignite their sense of adventure. 

  1. Highlight unique experiences 

Want your travel content to ignite a sense of adventure in your readers’ hearts? Let them hear from travelers who have experienced the adventures of a lifetime!

As copywriters, we must know what makes the business different and unique. Answer this: How can your company provide an incredible experience unlike anywhere else? Take your audience on a journey of discovery, revealing little-known details and unique encounters that only those who visit a place will ever experience. Engage them with personal anecdotes or real-life stories that highlight unique encounters related to your content. These stories provide a human touch and emotional connection that spark curiosity among your audience, enticing them to plan a memorable trip with your business.

  1. Incorporate visuals

We live in the age of social media. From influencers to your average social media user, people always share their travel photos, videos, and livestreams online. This has shifted the purpose of travel for many, opening people up to new travel options — from destinations and activities, to accommodations and even modes of transport.

Today, travelers do not just focus on visiting every famous landmark; they also focus on channeling their efforts to improve the economic and cultural aspects of the destination. As marketers, bring your story and main characters to life with visual storytelling to attract travelers! 

Immerse your audience in well-written narratives with great visuals to showcase a destination beyond its surface. Use every image and word to tell a story that resonates deeply with customers seeking a meaningful connection with the world around them.

  1.  Venture into a new platform  

Think about your marketing goals: are you looking to increase website traffic, improve brand awareness, or boost engagement? Your goals will determine which social media platforms you should utilize.

Every social media platform caters to a specific niche of audience that varies in terms of languages, preferences, and content.  For example, you could focus on generating leads from Instagram ads, audience engagement from Facebook, and brand awareness from TikTok.

Less popular social media platforms, such as Pinterest, can also be valuable tools for tourism marketing. Based on data from 2021, travel searches on the platform are reportedly up by 60%, with more travelers searching for destinations based on experiences rather than specific places. Pinterest also predicted the latest travel trends, with sustainable travel and ​​food-focused trips taking center stage.

No matter the platform, the key to producing quality and engaging content is to understand your audience and tailor your content to fit their preferences.

  1. Utilize user-generated content (UGC):

UGC is a crucial tool to enhance your marketing strategy because people tend to listen to product or service users over “biased” descriptions from the companies shilling them. According to research, incorporating UGC into marketing campaigns can boost conversions by 29%, leading to higher website traffic and engagement rates. 

Whisk your audience away on (imaginary) journeys of exploration and wonder with content that documents the unique sights and sounds of a trip — posted by other travelers online! Encourage your customers to create content by using relevant hashtags and social media platforms. If your company’s budget allows, you can also incentivize user-generated content creation with giveaways, contests, and other initiatives. With this approach, your customers become brand creators, saving on professional photoshoots or large-scale marketing events.


Gone are the days when you needed 80 days to travel around the world — you can now achieve that in a day or less!

Today, diverse traveler preferences open up opportunities for savvy copywriters and businesses in the tourism industry. 

Build a strong marketing strategy for your brand by harnessing the power of good copywriting with user-generated content (UGC), storytelling, good visuals, and unique experiences to help your customers plan an unforgettable travel experience. With these powerful tools, copywriters can weave a tapestry of travel stories for tourism businesses to embrace your brand’s voice and highlight your brand’s unique value proposition.

Want to captivate your audience with a unique brand story? Let us embark on a transformative partnership together! Drop us a message here to learn more.

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