5 Proven Methods to Spark User-Generated Content

What is it like to be loved? 

To be supported in whatever you do, to be cheered on for your achievements, to be showered with gifts … and the list goes on.

Renowned psychologist Albert Ellis once said, “The art of love is largely the art of persistence.”

Beyond interpersonal connections, this sentiment resonates profoundly in the business realm as well. Your brand’s endurance and success hinge on the love and loyalty it garners from your customers.

How can customers show their love for your brand? User-generated content (UGC) is the best method to do so!

Turn customers into your biggest cheerleaders!

Today, checking reviews before purchasing has become second nature for many customers. 

Every bite you savor, every item you buy, and every brand you encounter  — it’s all fair game for everyone to be posted online for the world to see.

UGC is content that everyday people create, like pictures, reviews, or videos that scream “I love this product!” without you even asking. 

It serves as a potent tool to establish credibility and trust. Customers sharing personal reviews and showcasing their experiences with your brand fosters a sense of authenticity, attracting more customers and expanding your brand’s outreach (for free!).

Here are five exciting strategies to inspire and gather UGC:

Provide incentives

Who doesn’t love a little reward for doing something fun? 

Give your customers a nudge by offering incentives like discounts, exclusive deals, or social media shoutouts. For instance, clothing brands often run contests where customers can win free outfits by posting their OOTDs online. Or think about loyalty points for sharing their experiences on social media, like airlines offering miles for sharing travel moments using a specific hashtag.

Plan interactive campaigns 

Brands need to build interactive marketing campaigns that entice customers to join the fun. Let’s take a lesson from the 2023 movie, Barbie, and its marketing playbook on how to leverage UGC.

Besides the usual promotional content, the Barbie team released a selfie generator that allows fans to create Barbie movie posters that feature the user as the film’s stars! Upon uploading a selfie, the AI generator automatically removes the photo’s background and the user is free to adjust the placement of the photo, edit the  sparkly background color, and craft a quirky personal description. It went viral on social media, with plenty of fans showing their love for Barbie through their customized selfies.

Combining an innovative UGC marketing approach, strategic brand partnerships, and captivating advertisements undoubtedly helped propel Barbie to success as the highest-grossing film from Warner Bros.

Feature customer testimonials

What do you do when you receive love letters from your customers?

Surely you would showcase customer reviews proudly on your website, social media, and promotional materials! Businesses must also make it seamless for customers to submit reviews.

Airbnb does this well by featuring guest reviews prominently on their site. When a potential guest scrolls through Airbnb listings, they can read about the firsthand experiences of previous guests, including how clean the room is or how friendly a host is. These user-generated reviews act like personal recommendations from friends, making potential guests feel more confident about booking. Ultimately, this trust leads to increased bookings and customer satisfaction.

Build a community

People crave a sense of community. Make your customers feel like they’re part of a cool club to foster brand loyalty and encourage UGC.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community is just one prime example.

It isn’t just a place to shop for cosmetics; it’s a vibrant hub where beauty enthusiasts converge to discuss the latest trends, swap skincare routines, and offer advice on which products work wonders. It cultivates a loyal customer base by fostering connections among members who share a common passion. When customers feel valued as part of a community, they become more engaged and invested in the brand. It also serves as an invaluable platform for Sephora to gather feedback, understand customer preferences, and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Shine a spotlight on your customers

You don’t need influencers to promote your brand; just let your customers do the talking.

For instance, a fitness apparel brand could encourage customers to share their fitness journeys or workout routines using its products. By creating a dedicated space on their website or social media platforms where customers can submit their stories, accompanied by photos or videos, the brand inspires others and showcases real-life successes. 

UGCs like these are powerful materials that demonstrate the brand’s impact on individuals’ lives for potential customers.


User-generated content isn’t just a trend—it’s a game-changer for businesses! 

By implementing these five strategies, you’re not just encouraging your customers to be part of your brand; you’re fostering a community of advocates. Get ready to amplify your reach, boost credibility, and create a loyal fanbase through the power of user-generated content.

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