5 Reasons Why Cold Email is the Future of Marketing

No matter how good your product or service is, what determines your success is how you market your product to your target customers. Don’t you agree? Cold email

However, marketing is more challenging nowadays. You have to fight hard to win the attention of your target market along with other businesses.

So here’s a question for you: How do you market your business to someone who has never heard of you or your brand?

One of the most effective ways is through cold emailing

Yes, cold email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to market products to cold prospects. But what exactly is a cold email? 

What is a cold email? 

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By definition, a cold email is an email you send to someone you don’t know for a particular purpose. Although the most obvious purpose is to gain sales, it can also be used to gain favors, opportunities, or any other dual-sided gain. 

For example, a marketer looking to promote their newest product by sending emails to unknown prospects — this is cold emailing. 

A student looking for an internship reaches out to the HR department of a company — this is also cold emailing. 

Why you should consider cold email marketing

1. Less intrusive

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Although cold emailing is similar to cold calling, it’s significantly less intrusive to the prospects. 

The reasoning behind this is unlike sales calls, they can check their emails at their convenience. So you can avoid the possibility of your prospect getting annoyed because you called right in the middle of a meeting or family gathering. 

Making sure that your prospect is relaxed & receptive is crucial. It determines whether they will take the time to listen and consider your offer.

Additionally, cold emails are more direct, unlike those marketing calls that feels like it lasts forever. This means your prospect doesn’t have to waste time on pleasantries — which is especially tiresome for busy people with packed schedules. 

2. Prospects are more educated

Some people need more time to process information and make decisions. Especially when the decision requires commitment and investments.

The good news is, cold emails give your prospects more time to really understand all the information you presented. This makes them more aware of certain problems they’re experiencing and how your product can help solve that problem.

As a result, they will be more likely to either reply to your email or even make a decision to do business with you right away!

3. Require less effort and resources

Sending cold emails requires less effort/resources than cold calling. Although both require research, once created, a cold email draft can simply be tweaked and personalized instead of having to do everything from scratch again.

Another thing that makes cold email so effective is you can automate your cold email sequence. So once you have your email list, cold email draft, and your chosen cold emailing tool, all you have to do is wait for the results!

From there, you can do some testing to compare which email template works best for your business. You can also leverage various email automation tools and email templates to speed up your marketing outreach. 

4. Decision-makers are obsessed with email

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According to Forbes, millennials (who are most likely to be the decision-makers of various businesses) would rather communicate via email than a phone call. Additionally, 43% of people from this age group will check their email while still in bed in the morning.

However, although this means that you’re more likely to connect with your prospects via email than a phone call, it doesn’t mean that they will click open your email. In fact, less than one-third of marketing emails are opened by millennials. 

This age group is being constantly bombarded with different kinds of emails. So, they won’t bother to click on or read irrelevant emails and unhelpful information from brands, because they know that all these brands wanted from them is their money.

So, if you want your cold email campaign to be successful, make sure that your copy resonates with your reader’s problems and provides them with value before you ask them to do anything for you. 

5. Builds awareness

Sometimes, people are not aware that they have certain problems or that there are feasible solutions available for their issues. 

By reaching out to prospects via cold email, you will make them aware of their problems and how your brand can help them. 

Even if they are not currently experiencing any problems, they might experience them in the future. And when they do, they will remember that you can help them. 

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