Kickass Email Copy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (2021)

Check your internet speed, set your timers, and prepare those thumbs — cause the biggest shopping event has arrived!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are undoubtedly the biggest shopping event of the year. Even though in-store shopping has slowed down due to COVID, there’s no stopping online shopping. That is why this year, the competition will be more fierce than ever. 

Before COVID, people will wear their comfiest running shoes, tie their hair back, and get ready to take an elbow to get stuff that they might not even need — just for the sake of a cheap price. Now, with the online shopping craze, even though there’s no elbowing involved you still have to beat someone with your skillful fingers and internet speed to secure the biggest deal. 

Brands all around the world will be bombarding their email list with promotional emails. A study has shown that more than 40% of email recipients will make at least 1 purchase based on a promotional email. This is why copywriting is the key to a successful sales day.  

5 Tips on Black Friday Email Copywriting

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Your promotional emails can make all the difference during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales day. To ensure that you can gain the most out of this event, here are 5 email copywriting tips that you should apply to attract and convert your database into buying customers of your business. 

1. Segment your database into different audience groups

Businesses often made the mistake of blasting their database with the same promotion, without taking the time to learn which content or offer works best for specific audiences — which is definitely the wrong move. 

Before you even start writing your email copy, it’s important that you segment your audience into several audience groups. Based on the insights you’ve collected from their purchase history and customer behavior (if you haven’t, then you definitely should — now) you’ll be able to identify the specific needs of your target customers. 

This allows you to gain a higher open rate and click rate because your email is better targeted and more relevant to your target audience. 

2. Plan your sequence strategically

Many businesses overlook the power of email marketing. Doing a proper email marketing campaign is more than just sending one or two promotional emails on Black Friday. It requires you to build a proper sequence in order to ensure its success. 

The people in your email database are one of the most valuable assets you have. They already know you, trust you, and have purchased your product or liked your content in the past. So they are more likely to repurchase and even tell their friends about you.

Here’s an example of an email sequence you can try. 

Email 1 (Wednesday)

Tease your customers with a killer sneak peek of your upcoming deals on Black Friday. 

Email 2 (Thursday, a headstart!)

Make your customers feel special by giving them exclusive early access to shop your best offer. 

Email 3 (Friday — it’s D-day!)

It’s Black Friday! Time to send out your Black Friday offers to your customers. Aside from providing discounts on your products, you can also sweeten the deal by offering free shipping or other exclusive benefits until the clock strikes 12. 

Email 4 (Still on Black Friday)

It’s easy to get distracted while searching for the best Black Friday deal. So, give your customers a reminder to check out the items in their cart before the offer expires. You can even include a timer on your email to create a sense of urgency!

Email 5 (Saturday)

For the customers who did not shop yesterday, tell them that they still have a second chance —- because a bigger and better offer is waiting for them! For those who shopped, congratulate and thank them for shopping, and then offer them related discounted items that they might be interested in. 

Email 6 (Sunday)

Just like the day before Black Friday, give your customers a preview of what’s coming. Your best deals, best bundles, best products — make the offer impossible to resist!

Email 7 (Cyber Monday)

It’s time to blast your loyal customers with your best offers! Don’t hesitate to up-sell relevant products that might interest them. 

Email 8 (Cyber Monday is ending)

Send them another reminder to check out their cart before midnight and the offer expires. 

3. Make sure that you have a clickable subject line

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Don’t let your emails go to spam! Most people will throw an email directly into their spam folder after reading the subject line. To avoid the same fate, step into your customer’s shoes and ask yourself: will I find this interesting? Will I click this open? 

In general, you have to make sure that your subject line is short, interesting, and incites the receiver’s curiosity — getting them to click open your email. Here are a few high-converting keywords that you can include in your subject lines!

  • Free
  • Deals
  • Save …%
  • Sale
  • Off
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Free shipping

P.S. Using emojis in your subject line is also another surefire way to get your emails opened!

4. Tease them with an interesting preview

People like knowing about what to expect before opening anything — including emails. This is why an email snippet is almost as important as the subject line. 

What you should do is provide your target audience with an incentive to click through. Create a compelling and snappy teaser that summarizes your content or offer! This will definitely boost your open rate and chances of converting them into buying customers of your business.

5. Make it personal

Everyone wants to feel special — including your customers. They will ignore generic emails or content that is irrelevant to their interests. This is especially true during the holiday season or Black Friday, when they are being bombarded with multiple promotional emails at the same time. 

So how can you make your email stand out in their inbox? Personalize your email! Mention their name, make personalized offers based on their purchase or browsing history, and leverage trends that will interest them. Doing this will increase your chances of getting them to purchase your products on your biggest sale day!

Need help in creating high-converting Black Friday email copy? Reach out to our team today!

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