💌 3 Reasons Why You Should Write a “Love Letter” for Your Customers

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the people we love. 

As marketers and entrepreneurs, there’s one group of people who more than deserve the love and appreciation from your brand — your customers!

Think about it, your customers are the ones who encourage you to grow, support your decisions, and be there for you throughout different milestones. When they buy your products or use your services, they make a commitment to you and you to them — just like a relationship!

So, this Valentine’s Day, why don’t we show them how much they mean to us by sending them a “love letter” to their inbox

Why “love letter” though?

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When it’s done right, writing a “love letter” for your customers will allow you to:

1. Show appreciation & love

Everyone wants to be seen and appreciated — including your customers. Whether you have 1 million, 100.000, or 10 customers, they all matter and deserve to be cherished.

This “love letter” will give you the opportunity to mention all the wonderful things your customers have done to support your brand. By putting it all into writing, they will see how much you appreciate their support and will be more than happy to shower you with their love.

2. Understand & connect

The process of writing the “love letter” will require you to step into the shoes of your customers and dig deep. Who is your audience? What do they value? What are their problems?

You may even receive insightful replies from your customers. Their review of your product/service can be turned into powerful testimonials for your brand, and their inputs can be used to improve your overall service for your loyal customers. Win-win, right? 

By taking the time and effort to get to know them, your customers will feel that you truly care about their opinions and feelings — which will make them love you even more!

3. Strengthen your relationship

Like all relationships, having common interests or shared values can be considered as a sign of a perfect match — this goes for your relationship with your customers as well. 

Be it an interest in sustainability, luxury, or comfort food, these shared interests and values are the reason why they do business with you. And reiterating the things you have in common will strengthen your relationship with them.

You can also include your brand promises in a creative way. Like how you promise to be a better listener, reply to their emails in under 24 hours, and so on. These promises will improve your relationship and keep the fire going!

Personalizing your “love letter

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When writing your “love letter”, it’s important to make sure that your email is well-written and most importantly, personalized. Personalization will allow you to establish a stronger connection with your reader and increases the chance of them replying to your email. 

So how can you personalize your “love letter” to your customers?

1. Address them directly

Addressing your customers by their name and using the word “you” makes your love letter (or any kind of writing for that matter) much more powerful. Although it may seem obvious, some people still skip this step entirely. 

Doing this will not only clarify your message but it will also help you gain attention and create a connection between you and your readers.

2. Mention all the things you know (and love) about your customers

Just like writing a love letter to your sweetheart, a “love letter” to your customer should also include all the little details you know about them. 

Let them know that you understand their struggle and frustrations, share their passion and dreams. Basically, show them how much you understand and how deeply you care about them. 

3. Mention little details about your brand and team

Love is a two-way street. So, how do you expect your customers to fall madly in love with you if you don’t let them get to know you as well? 

This “love letter” is the perfect opportunity to let your customers get to know you better. You can share details like how are you spending your Valentine’s, your team’s crazy Valentine prank, or how much they inspired you to keep growing your brand. These little tidbits are what will humanize your brand and make your customers go crazy for you!

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