3 Copywriting Resolutions (We NEED to Follow Through) for 2021

There’s something special about a new year. Copywriting resolutions 2021

Do you know that feeling when you just finished reading an awesome book? 

When you got this sense of satisfaction and also the excitement of embarking on a new adventure with characters from the next book on your reading list… well, the new year feels exactly like that. 

After a whole year of making mistakes, seizing opportunities, and building habits (both good and bad) — it’s time to start fresh by embarking on a new journey. 

However, to avoid doing the same mistakes and do better next year, we need to reflect on past mistakes and learn our lessons — that’s why people create New Year resolutions!

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Your resolution doesn’t always have to be:

“I will get up at 4 AM every morning and do 999 push-ups”

“I will stop eating a whole tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream every time I got stressed out”

“I will start learning how to cook without setting my kitchen on fire (or poisoning myself)”

It can be about changing the way you communicate and market your business. To help you get started, here are 3 copywriting resolutions for a better 2021!

#1: I promise to listen to my audience before I start writing

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As writers or business owners, sometimes we can forget to include the most important person in the conversation — our audience. 

Our one-sided monologue can be the main reason why our audience won’t listen or engage with our brand. Because we’re not taking the time to listen to them in the first place. 

So in the coming year, let’s work on being a more attentive listener. Start checking the comments section, do a deep dive into social media groups! Try to get a feel of what your audience is saying, the language they’re using, and go create kick-ass copy that resonates with their interests!

#2: I will start thinking long-term & stop doing brute force copywriting

I’m sure that we all have been on the receiving end of a pushy, in-your-face, sales copy that screams “I’m desperate, please buy from me!!!”.

Although these sales-heavy copy might bring extra sales, it can also damage your relationship with potential customers along with your brand reputation in the long term.

Overly-salesy copywriting is a major turn-off for most people (I’m sure that includes you too). So, it’s time to think long-term and position your brand as a guide who can help your customers instead!

You can do this by adopting a more conversational tone in your copywriting, coming up with informative articles (that people actually want to read), and actively engaging with your customers through social media. 

That way, you can build trust and a relationship with your customers. Which increases brand loyalty and the possibility of potential customers doing business with you. 

#3: No more jargons! I will apply the KISS principle to my copy from now on

Let me ask you a simple question. What’s your purpose for writing copy? 

Yes, copywriting can be used to promote your business, but first and foremost, the main goal of your copy is to communicate with your target audience. 

And what’s the purpose of communicating? To make the other person understand your message perfectly, right?

When you use too much jargons, fancy words, or complex sentences you’re actually building barriers that will hinder your target audience from understanding your message easily. Instead of impressing your audience, you’ll only confuse them and lost their attention.

So, from now on, apply the KISS principle to your copy — Keep It Simple Stupid

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