3 Must-Have Topics for Your 2021 Content Plan

Let’s face it — in this era of digital marketing, you have NO excuse for NOT creating content. 2021 content plan

Your content, no matter the form or distribution channel is important because it engages your audience and creates conversations

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Good content will allow you to win your audience’s attention and introduce your brand into their lives. It will get them to talk about your content and inspire them to have a conversation with you!

This is why choosing the right topic for your content is crucial — and also challenging. But today we’re going to share how we come up and choose topics for our own content plan. 

Check out these 3 must-have topics to include in your 2021 content plan!

Monthly/Weekly Topics

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There are a million different things you can discuss from just a single topic. However, if you choose to cover everything in one go, you’ll just overwhelm your readers with information. 

As a result, they won’t understand the topic properly and reduces the possibility of them coming back for more (because you already gave them an all-you-can-eat buffet). This is why it’s better to break up your topic into smaller sub-topics instead. 

For example, this month you want to discuss emails. You can break down your topic into discussing different types of emails, subject lines, structure, email sequences, and so on. 

By strategically breaking up your topic into bite-sized content, your audience will find it easier to understand the topic, will better appreciate the content you create, and most importantly, will come back for more! 

This strategy also makes the brainstorming process more focused, allows for a more in-depth discussion for each sub-topic, and (ahem) reduces the burden for content ideation. 

Seasonal Topics

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No, it’s not about posting “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Valentine’s” and call it a day. 

Coming up with seasonal topics is not about participating in the national holidays. It’s about addressing the interests of your customers and demonstrating how your brand can help them during that time period.

For instance, your customized hamper brand can help solve your customer’s problem of having to wreck their brains for an awesome Christmas gift for their co-worker.

Product demand is much higher during the festive seasons — but it’s up to you to reap the full benefit it offers. 

Trending Topics

Creating content that’s based on trending topics allows you to rank higher on search engines, grow your customer base, and spark a conversation with your audience. 

You can use tools like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, and Trendwatching.com to find out the trending topics related to your industry. 

Just like seasonal topics, trending topics allow you to address your audience’s interest and capitalize on the conversation surrounding the topic. As a result, you’ll gain more reach and get your audience to engage with the content — but only if you make the right choice. 

When researching for a topic, it’s important to remember that not every popular topic will fit your brand or customers… and that’s totally okay. 

Creating relevant content is more important than writing about random popular topics without connecting it to your industry or interests. 

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