3 Creative Ways To Reignite Your Workflow Post-Holiday

Did you have fun indulging in Christmas feasts and New Year’s drinks?

Hopefully, your holidays were filled with joy and rejuvenation!

As the festive season fades and the excitement of a long break dissipates, it is time for us creatives to confront our back-to-work blues. 

Which of the scenarios below are you currently struggling with?

Staring At A Blank Page

You stare at a blank page or screen and it stares back at you. The void seems vast, and ideas feel as elusive as last year’s resolutions.

Lost in Transition

Shifting gears from holiday mode to work mode can leave you feeling demotivated. There’s a disconnect that needs to be closed.

The Creative Clutter

Your workspace is cluttered like the aftermath of a hurricane; finding the perfect balance between chaos and order feels impossible.

Returning from an extended holiday break can leave creatives feeling drained, and staying fresh and focused at work can be difficult. We’ve got your back — here are three ways to kick-start the new year with renewed vigor and inspiration!

Take Frequent Breaks

No, you’re not lazy for taking frequent breaks! More than refueling your energy stores, taking breaks has a lesser-known benefit: enhancing creativity. 

You can try to incorporate short, focused breaks amidst work hours with the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks tasks into intervals. Engage in activities that stimulate different senses, like a short walk outdoors, a quick sketch, or a mindfulness session. These breaks invigorate the mind, promoting divergent thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Equally essential is disconnecting during longer breaks; use vacation time to detach from work entirely and let the mind rest before easing back into a productive rhythm.

Curate Your Creative Space

The state of our workspaces often mirrors the state of our mind– a reflection of our mental clarity or clutter.

Want to break out of your work slump? Consider revamping your workspace to foster a sense of calm and boost mental clarity.

Start by decluttering and keeping frequently used items easily accessible to optimize workflow. Utilize organizational tools like trays, folders, or digital apps to streamline your task management. Most importantly, ensure adequate lighting and good ventilation; these are vital for a workspace conducive to productivity and creativity. Add a personal touch to your space with vision boards, inspiring artworks, or plants to invigorate your creativity.

Establishing Creative Rhythms

Productivity in short bursts is achievable, but how can you be consistent over time?

Maintaining creative rhythms is key to sustaining momentum! Practicing deliberate habits and routines facilitates a smooth transition back to work. While creatives often despise strict routines, integrating a little structure does help to ease the mind into a productive rhythm.

Embrace daily habits that stimulate creativity, like journaling, brief walks, or brainstorming sessions. When you work, break down tasks into manageable chunks to ensure progress without overwhelming yourself. Remember, don’t pressure yourself too much to stick to your routine; be easy and flexible with it to allow space for spontaneity. 


Stepping back into work after a long break can feel daunting, yet it presents an opportunity for a refreshed perspective. 

For creatives, rekindling a workflow involves embracing balance, incorporating routines, revamping workspaces for inspiration, or taking breaks to stay fresh.

Kickstart the new year by incorporating the above tips and practices to set the stage for impactful opportunities ahead!

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