5 Important Skills Of A Health and Wellness Copywriter

Today, 1 in 8 people around the world live with a mental health condition. Despite the rise in mental health cases worldwide, knowledge and awareness of mental health are still low and largely stigmatized.

Want to make an impact and solve this issue? Do not underestimate the power of words to promote mental health awareness and personal well-being!

Making mental health-related information accessible to all is a great way to raise awareness and encourage people to seek treatment, and this is where mental health copywriting can play an important role.

It takes unique writing and communication skills to craft quality content that resonates with readers on their journey to better well-being. Discover the essential skills needed to write impactful mental health and wellness-related copy!

Writing and communication

A copywriter in this industry must have exceptional writing and communication skills. You must write in a clear, concise, and engaging manner to convey information through various mediums. The mental health field can be quite complex for the average person to understand, and your job as a copywriter is to simplify that information.

Besides exceptional writing skills, you must also possess strong communication abilities to establish rapport with clients, understand their needs, and develop content that matches their goals. Nothing is more important than being empathetic and compassionate when you speak to your audience!

Knowledge of mental health issues

Health and wellness copywriters should not only have surface-level knowledge of mental health. You must cultivate a deep understanding of mental health-related topics, as copywriters are the ones responsible for disseminating information and providing support in the sphere of mental well-being.

Having a good understanding of mental health knowledge will empower you to convey complex concepts with clarity and accuracy while ensuring that your messages align with medical best practices.

Keep yourselves updated on new developments in the field of mental health via sources like books, blogs, and webinars to broaden your knowledge.

Empathy and sensitivity

Copywriters must understand what people with mental health struggles go through and reflect that in their content. 

Mental health copywriting involves talking about many sensitive issues, which is why you must write with utmost empathy and care to avoid hurting or triggering readers. This means picking the right words, providing trigger warnings when needed, and using a supportive or lively tone to help readers feel comfortable.

Being inclusive of everyone’s experience is also a key trait of a health and wellness copywriter. Avoid succumbing to stereotypes or recommending one-size-fits-all solutions when creating content because everyone’s condition is different!

Research and analysis skills

Copywriters play an important role in providing valuable resources, inspiring hope, and removing the stigma around mental health issues to help readers embark on a healing journey. 

That is why you do more than just write: you have to conduct research, collect information, gather data, and organize it all into concise and engaging content! Proficient copywriters can sift through large data sets to spot patterns and trends, which can be applied to create effective messages for the right audience. 

Health and wellness copywriters have to tackle diverse subjects, often needing various sources to support their claims and bolster their writing’s credibility. Utilize all sorts of online databases and search engines to look for credible resources that genuinely contribute to your content.

Navigating legal and ethical issues

Ethics should be a health and wellness copywriter’s top priority.

Individuals grappling with mental health challenges deserve the utmost respect, honesty, and support. When establishing mental health marketing strategies and an online presence, curate your content with ethics in mind: respect the boundaries of personal stories, avoid generalizations, and value purpose over entertainment.

Your goal is to help market your services or products in a way that genuinely reflects their potential to make a positive impact on a person’s well-being. Do not let life-changing resources go unnoticed due to bad mental health copywriting!


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Crafting quality content on mental health requires more than just good writing skills; you have to write with empathy, clarity, and ethical standards.

Health and wellness copywriters play a huge role in combating the stigma surrounding mental health. Your words can make medical information more accessible for everyone and direct patients to get the treatment they need from mental health professionals.
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