5 Reasons Why You Should Do Internal Newsletters for Your Company

Are you currently working from home? Internal newsletters

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the number of remote workers has increased significantly. 

This change poses a new challenge for companies in terms of managing and distributing information among their employees — especially for companies that don’t have a proper internal communication system. 

And the solution to this problem is sending out internal newsletters. 

Internal newsletters are emails about any kind of information or updates from the company (Usually sent by the HR department or the marketing team) to its employees. It can be used to discuss reports, future activities, or even celebrating team achievements. 

But what makes internal newsletters a must for a company? 

5 Benefits of Internal Newsletters for Your Company

1. Keeps the whole staff well-informed 

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Newsletters are a great way to keep employees informed about everything going on in the company (i.e. how the company is affected by the global pandemic), share the company goals, and inform what’s needed to achieve said goals. 

Internal newsletters are also a great way to engage your staff, ask questions, and gather feedback. This allows the upper management to connect with the staff, understand their issues, and make relevant changes that will improve the company as a whole.

2. Help strengthen the company culture

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It can be challenging to keep employees involved in internal company activities if your company doesn’t have a proper internal communication system. 

But with internal newsletters, you can ensure the staff will know and join the company’s game night or bike-to-work event. Which will strengthen the company’s culture, solidify team relations, and most importantly, boost morale! 

3. Desired by your employees

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Your employees will look forward to reading internal newsletters — if you’re doing it right. When creating your newsletter, it’s important to make sure that the content is relevant to your staff. So you need to understand their interests and create useful contents that are interesting to read. 

4. Makes your employees feel appreciated

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Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated — this includes your staff. So it’s time to use your internal newsletter and highlight employee activities, achievements, and stories. This will allow you to create a stronger connection among staff members and a greater sense of belonging to the company. 

5. Great way to discuss the company goals

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Internal newsletters are also a great way to help employees remember company goals and values. Through getting regular updates from the newsletter, employees can measure the company’s progress and the role they play in making it happen. 

Interested in creating internal newsletters, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few internal newsletter ideas for your inspiration!

Internal Newsletter Ideas

1. Milestones

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Sending out milestone newsletters are a great way to highlight and celebrate achievements with the whole staff. For example, you can send a milestone email when it’s your company’s 10th anniversary, when a new recruit joins your company, or to highlight your employee-of-the-month. 

You can also feature the staff who just got promoted, when a team surpasses the sales target, or feature the employee who has been with the company the longest. That way, your employees will feel appreciated and valued by the company — which will boost morale and productivity.

2. Event Announcements

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Most companies plan parties or events every now and then, so the team can blow off some steam. However, if you have a large company, events can be hard to organize. 

So, what you can do is use your internal newsletter to create hype around the event, give them updates, and share all the necessary information they need to know. 

Whether it’s for an office Christmas party, bike-to-work day, or the CEO’s birthday surprise you can simply send out an internal newsletter to the whole staff! 

Once the event is done, you can share the photos & videos through the newsletter, so the staff can share it on their social media (Pro tip: Be sure to include your brand logo in the photos, so you can gain exposure)! By doing so, your staff will look forward to receiving the newsletter and upcoming events in the future!

3. Training Opportunities

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It’s important to make sure that your employees are given opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop their skillset. 

One of the best ways to do so is by presenting them with workshops and optional training opportunities, where they can choose to attend whichever training they are interested in. 

And you can announce these opportunities via your company’s internal newsletter. By providing them with ways to grow their skills, your employees will be able to perform better at their job and will be more likely to stay longer with your company. 

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