7 Proven Headline Formulas You Need to Apply Now

There’s a reason why most copywriters use the same old headline formulas — it works. 

Because it doesn’t matter how good your content is, or how much value you’re giving to your audience if your headline is as floppy as an overly-cooked spaghetti. 

Using a proven headline formula will save you the time and effort from trying out new forms of headlines. 

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative though. On contrary, formulas are meant to be modified to your needs — just like a recipe! It just makes your headline-writing process easier and faster. 

When you have understood why these headlines work, you can write intuitively and only use the formula to jog your inspiration. To help you get started, check out these 7 headline formulas you need to apply today!

7 Formulas for a Catchy Headline

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  1. Give it to me straight (Simple & Direct)

Although it may seem boring, direct headlines are powerful because your audience doesn’t have to waste time or energy figuring out what you mean. You can use this type of headline when your audience is already familiar with your brand, product, or when you have a strong offer. 

  • FREE Access to Our Online Course
  • Get 25% Off on Your Second [Brand name] Purchase
  • The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing
  1. What’s in it for me? (Benefit-driven)

The benefit of your product or content is your number one selling point. So why not say it upfront? Benefit-driven headlines provide an incentive for your audience to give your article a click. 

  • Create a Profitable Online Course in 48 Hours
  • Gain More Subscribers with These 5 Tips
  • How to Write Copy that Sells Ebook – FREE
  1. This or that? (Comparison)

One of the best ways to win the attention of your readers is to help them make purchasing decisions by comparing 2 things against each other. Just be sure that the comparison you’re making provides a benefit for your audience. 

  • Running vs. Yoga: Which Is More Beneficial?
  • Cooking vs. Baking: Which One is Harder?
  • Emails vs. Social Media: Which Is More Effective?
  1. What is it? (Secret/Insider knowledge)

Yes, one of the most effective ways to get clicks is to incite curiosity. Make your headline seem like you’re sharing insider information and that your audience will benefit from reading your content and they will definitely give your article a click!

  • The Secret to Successful Cold Email Writing
  • Here’s What You Don’t Know About Being a Digital Marketer
  • Little-Known Facts about Copywriting You Probably Didn’t Know
  1. Yes, let’s talk about me! (About the readers)

Everyone loves to read, talk and learn new things about themselves. So if you can phrase your headlines in a way that appeals to this desire, you can command their attention. 

  • 3 Things Owning a Dog Says About You
  • This Is What Your Book Preference Says About You
  • We Can Guess Your Personality from Your Wardrobe Choices
  1. Oooh… tell me more! (How-to)

People are highly interested in achievements — especially when there’s a quick way to do it. This is why the how-to headline format is one of the most successful formulas. It appeals to the audience’s desires by highlighting the benefit/final product but NOT the process itself.

Compare these 2 how-to headlines:

  • How to Write a Landing Page from Scratch
  • How to Create a High-converting Landing Page in 5 Easy Steps

The first headline sounds like a lot of work, but the second headline emphasized the benefit (gaining clients) and the final product (high-converting landing page) — making it way more enticing for the readers. 

  1. Let’s talk numbers (List)

There’s something about numbered lists that gives people a sense of predictability and clarity on what to expect from your content. Making them more inclined to click and read your content. 

  • 5 Ways to Make Money from Home Using Your Laptop
  • 10 Benefits of Learning Copywriting for Your Business
  • 12 Brands Who Nailed Their Marketing Initiatives during the pandemic

Choosing the right approach for your audience


You might like carbonara sauce, but your friend might prefer pesto instead. 

This also applies to headline writing. This is why it is important for you to understand who your audience is, what kind of topic are they interested in, and what kind of headline will resonate with them. 

Competitive Headlines

If you’re trying to write to men who will resonate with powerful headlines that show dominance, playing into their competitive nature should be your move. 

  • Beat Your Competitors with These Hard-hitting Sales Tips
  • You Will Never Lose if You Follow These… Tips
  • Don’t Want to Be On the Losing Team? Follow These Hacks!

Inspirational Headlines

Sometimes, people need a little push and a confidence boost before they take action. Reading an inspirational headline might be just the thing that will make them do just that!

  • Learn How to Write Engaging Copy with Zero Writing Experience
  • You Can Create Your Own Six-Figures Online Course Too
  • Win His Heart by Learning How to Bake Like a Pro

Benefit-driven Headlines

If your audience is mostly rational and analytical people, then help them see the benefit of your products or content by highlighting it in your headline. 

  • Save Up To $2000 On Shipping Cost with…
  • Automate Your Email Marketing Easily with…
  • Gain Insights Into Your Customer’s Behavior with… 

Need help applying these headline formulas to your blog posts? 

Leave it to us — start a project with us now!

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