Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks

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copywriting for women

Tips On Writing Marketing Copy For Women (By Women!)

Producing great copy that resonates with your women audience is like painting a picture: it takes time, effort, and skill! Explore the ways in which copywriting is similar to painting a great picture, and use these ideas to improve your copy.

Boost your sales with emotive writing

It’s no secret that emotions play a huge role in our purchasing decisions. Whether you are writing website copy, sales emails, or scripts, always use emotive writing to deliver strong messages that stick!

AI tools copywriters - The Blank Pad Copywriting Agency

AI Tools Will Not Replace Copywriters, Here’s Why

As an entrepreneur or marketer, it’s important for us to stay ahead of the latest industry trends. Learn why artificial intelligence (AI) technology will never replace the unique skillset of a quality copywriter.

visual copywriting the blank pad

The Psychology Behind Visual Copywriting

Attract more audience with attention-grabbing content by understanding the psychology behind visual copywriting. Here are 8 tips to follow!

Use These 5 High-Converting CTAs Now!

The importance of Call To Actions (CTAs) cannot be underestimated. But are you tired of using the same CTAs in your posts? Read on to find out more!