Use These 5 High-Converting CTAs Now!

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Firstly, a Call To Action (CTA) is a marketing strategy that invites people to take action upon your recommendations.

The importance of a CTA cannot be underestimated. CTAs give your marketing a sense of urgency and direction, and they make your marketing campaigns far more effective. They also give your prospective clients a sense of clarity and purpose, so that they know what steps they should take next. 

So, buckle up as we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorites below!

1. Reserve Your Spot Now (Only 5 Spots Remaining)

By creating a sense of scarcity through saying that there are only a certain amount of spots remaining, customers will feel a sense of urgency and will feel inclined to buy into your service. People naturally don’t like being left out of things, and so they’ll feel a fear of missing out if they don’t participate!

2. Be Part of an Exclusive Community Today!

As mentioned above, people don’t like missing out on things! Through establishing the fact that you’ve built an exclusive community, people will naturally seek out said community and will be enticed to take part in whatever you’re selling. Exclusivity also creates differentiation in the market so that certain products and services have a kind of luster and speciality to them. 

In fact, most people are attracted to being part of a community—naturally, just being part of something provides them with a sense of belonging.

3. Let’s take this to your inbox.

Personal, yet to the point, this CTA ensures that customers are guided towards signing up for your newsletter. This CTA is relatable, yet professional, still. This entices people to take action and generates a sense of curiosity as to what could possibly be shared in your inbox. 

Furthermore, this acts as a personal invitation of sorts, and is conversational in tone, so that users are more likely to trust the brand and treat it as a friend rather than a distant corporation. It feels more compassionate, even, as the brand is speaking colloquially and directly to you as a person rather than as a consumer. 

4. Share this with a friend!

People love sharing new things that they’ve discovered, and a CTA to share a post with a friend creates organic traffic to your post. A customer’s attention span is short, especially on social media. As every second counts, you want to convert that to the product or service that you’re selling. By getting them to interact with your post with another person, you’re driving more traffic towards your post as well.

Furthermore, action verbs such as “share” can drive a customer to make that final push towards buying into your product or service. 

5. Leave your opinion in the comments below!

If you’re posting on a platform with comments turned on, this could be a great way to foster a community and engage with your followers in an organic way. People love sharing their own opinions and experiences with other people, and so you can really get to know your target demographic through this CTA.

Now that you’re equipped with these examples, here are some tips to keep in mind whilst using CTAs:

1. Don’t overdo it.

Having one or two CTAs in a post is enough. Contrary to what you might think, stacking CTAs is not an effective way to convert your customers. Instead, they’ll get overwhelmed with action points and will do none of the CTAs you’ve mentioned. Limiting people to 1 or 2 CTAs will not confuse the consumer, rather, they will exactly know what to do next. Multiple CTAs tend to confuse people, causing them to go backwards rather than forwards.

Think about it—if you’re asking someone to do something for you, you’re going to give them one thing at a time to deal with. If you overwhelm them with information, they won’t do the task at hand.

2. Don’t be overly verbose.

CTAs should be short and sweet. Again, overly long CTAs will only overwhelm your potential customer and will instead alienate them from your content. You don’t want this to happen!

3. Test and revise your CTAs regularly.

If a CTA is underperforming, simply move on to the next. There’s no use in trying to convert an audience with a certain CTA if it does not give you the outcome you desire. Remember, your overall goal is to create purchasing intent from interest.

Overall, by creating a direct invitation for them to take action, you’re essentially setting a reminder for them as well. Have you tried the CTAs mentioned in this post? What are your thoughts?

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