What is UX Copywriting and Why Is It Important?

Imagine opening an application or website and seeing no text at all — just random images and blank buttons. What would you think? How would you feel? 

You will most likely feel confused, unable to confidently make a decision because everything is unclear. Must be frustrating, right? 

That image I just painted is a world where UX copywriting doesn’t exist. And today we’re going to discuss how UX copywriting, which started as a niche profession in Silicon Valley has now become one of the most in-demand skills in various industries. 

What is UX copywriting? 

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

User-experience copywriting is the art of using language to create an easier and more enjoyable decision-making process for users. The focus of UX copywriting is to get the users where they need to be. Think of UX copy as a guiding voice that leads users through a product’s most important interactions seamlessly. 

UX copy is sometimes referred to as microcopy because it focuses on tiny bits of copy on headers, pop-ups, button texts, instructions, or 404 notices. Although it’s usually much shorter, it requires tremendous skill, because the writer needs to make sure that the users understand the instructions, compel them to take action while maintaining a cohesive brand voice. 

Why is it important? 

Boosts conversion

Statistics show that 97% of customers say that user experience is the most important element when judging the quality of an application, and 90% of users will stop using a certain app if they find it hard to navigate. Websites with a better user experience also have a higher visit-to-lead conversion rate. 

Provides clarity

UX copywriter possesses a deep understanding of the users and what kind of messages will resonate with them. This allows them to come up with clear and actionable copy that’s easy to understand, and able to guide the users through the product seamlessly. 

Humanizes digital products

Aside from providing clarity, UX copy also invokes the user’s emotions. This is the key to humanizing digital products and taking the user experience to new heights — allowing users to actually connect with your brand. 

Maintain message cohesion

Off-brand messages and out-of-place themes will confuse the users and disrupt their experience. But with the help of UX copywriting, you can have a cohesive brand voice and messages — ensuring the best user experience. 

Keeps the user engaged and delighted

Great UX copy can engage with the user and keep them delighted — even when you need to give them ‘bad news’ (out-of-stock products, late shipment, error messages). Maintaining a positive association with your brand is especially important to ensure a good user experience. 

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