7 Reasons to Create a Blog for Your Business

A weblog, commonly known as a “blog”, is a Web site that functions as an online journal for those who wish to post readable text with other forms of media and content, such as photos, videos, music, polls, and more. The number of businesses that choose to create a blog continues to soar – a trend driven by the unique way blog hosting allows the sharing of information, news and announcements in an interactive format.

Blogging is not a direct marketing tool, and readers will find blatant promotion of your products and services to be boring and, possibly, deceptive. However, business blogging offers many opportunities to connect with consumers and colleagues in ways that were never before possible. With millions of active blogs now online, it’s important to understand their potential uses before you create a blog for your business.

1: Get the Word Out

Business blogging is the perfect way to present news and information with a “you heard it here first” spin. Blogging can help you at both ends of the spectrum – whether you are announcing good publicity and news or managing a reputation crisis. Your blog is the official source of information for your business, available to all of those who are interested – which is why so many business owners create a blog to give their company a voice.

2: Interact with Readers

Your business’ website might be doing an excellent job of talking to your customer. But when you create a blog, you can talk with them instead. Business blogging provides an interactive forum, giving you a way to address your customers directly – and vice versa. It’s a unique benefit and a great reason to create a blog.

3: Find Your Niche

Blog readers are some of the most active, engaged users on the Web. Blogging can help you find your niche by connecting with the customers who have an interest in – maybe even a passion for – your particular industry. When you create a blog, you can easily engage with that target audience.

4: Receive Feedback

When you invite your visitors to leave comments each time they post, you gain free market research in the form of invaluable customer insight, opinions, reviews and complaints. Use your feedback to improve the products and services you offer, and you’ll see how business blogging can help you enhance customer retention and brand loyalty.

5: Increase Traffic

Blogs often contain keyword rich content, frequent updates and linking opportunities – all things which can boost search engine ranking. Business blogging can also help you attract traffic through social media sources dedicated to blogs and news sources, such as Technorati and Digg. When you are “tagged” by these sites, you gain traffic you wouldn’t have before you decided to create a blog.

6: Establish Yourself

Business blogging allows you to demonstrate your industry knowledge. When you create a blog, you position yourself to become an expert source of information regarding your blog topic. Once your readers value what you have to say, repeat visits will come naturally.

7: Network with Industry Peers

Blog hosting can connect you with other bloggers and readers who are involved in your industry and, therefore, are interested in your products and services. When you network through each other’s blogs, you not only gain new friends in your industry, you gain valuable links from other blogs – an essential component of business blogging that can help boost your search engine ranking.

Blogging isn’t a passing fad – it’s a powerful communications tool which will continue to build a presence on the Web. When you’re ready to create a blog, keep the seven goals of business blogging in mind.

Source : http://www.networksolutions.com/education/7-reasons-to-create-a-blog-for-your-business/

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