How to Get More Traffic With Content Marketing

People say it over and over, but content really is king. After all, all users are always on the hunt for valuable content they can learn from instead of seeing posts with rants and irrelevant information. The challenge now is how to combine valuable content with SEO for better ranking.

Start blogging and find success in this field with the help of these tips that work:

Attract More Shares with Longer Posts

A 500-word article may be easy to do, but sadly, they are not good enough anymore. If you want to create excellent blog posts and be ranked higher by Google, it is best to write a post with at least 1,500 to 2,000 words. This is because longer posts attract more shares and backlinks, which in turn boosts your ranking in search engines. More importantly, you are able to provide more information without limiting yourself to just 500 words.

To create a longer post, make sure to do an in-depth research about your topic that should be written with the highest quality.

Write List Posts

Aside from making longer posts, another way to get more traffic on your website is by writing lists posts – and now you know why Buzzfeed is among the most popular websites.

List posts are easier to read and comprehend. By making a list, you are giving your readers an idea of what to expect from your post. At the same time, lists are easier to remember, which is also important to help readers remember your site.

Content Quality is Greater than SEO

Content marketing and SEO go well together, especially if you use them properly. Apparently, there are instances when SEO could compromise the quality of your content.

For instance, awkward keywords will not sound natural when you include them in the post. Instead of using them as they are, consider placing punctuation marks or prepositions like “in” or “on” in between the keyword phrases, and changing the order and variation of the keywords.

Don’t worry too much about how these steps could affect your ranking. Believe it or not, Google’s search algorithm is smart enough to determine what keyword you are using.

Pick a Catchy Headline

Here’s the thing: when you share your post, your headline is what people can see. Therefore, you need to keep it as catchy as possible if you want people to click and share your post.

How will you do this? Try these formulas:

How to + Common Obstacle – How to Land the Perfect Job (Even If There Are Dozens Who are More Qualified)

Number + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale + Promise –5 Easy Steps You Can Do to Lose the Unwanted Pounds

How to: Number + Keyword + Promise –How to Get Your Dream Guy: 5 Strategies to Make Him Notice You

Create Custom Images for Your Blog

Imagine a post that is full of words and no pictures? No matter how good the content is, it is plain, dull, and makes you want to click the “X” button.

If you want a boost in your blog’s traffic, don’t forget to add images in your post. You can always look for free and non-copyrighted images online and add it to your content. If you are serious about boosting the post’s number of shares, consider creating your own visuals.

Grab your phone and take pictures that are relevant to your content. Screenshots can also be great especially if you are doing hot to articles. If you are willing to shell out some money, you can hire someone to create custom visuals that perfectly illustrate what the post is all about. It may be pricey, but who knows, other people will be using your image and linking you as the source.

Start a Little Professional Networking

Are you ready to take your social skills to the next level and get more traffic to your site? Consider professional networking.

How does this work?

Since you already earned the trust of readers, it’s time to earn the trust of fellow content marketers who belong in the same niche. Get to know and be friendly with people who create innovative contents. Share any of their relevant contents and give your reasons why you think it is cool.

More importantly, be relevant, nice, and interesting. Fellow content marketers will love it too.

Utilize Quality Inbound Links

At this point, you now have a number of quality contents. Your next step would be to make sure that the link to your content is posted on an authoritative site. This is because inbound links could help boost your visibility and search rank on the World Wide Web.

Therefore, focus your SEO and content marketing strategies on high domain authority sites that are also relevant to your niche. Check your links regularly and reduce the number of low-quality links and risky backlinks to improve your rating.

Create Infographics and Q&A Series

Content is about words, but many people prefer visuals. This is where infographics come in.

Infographics are visual contents that help people grasp a certain concept quickly, which explains why it is commonly shared. At the same time, it helps attract backlinks, which means more exposure for you.

Use graphs and illustrations to help you itemize your topic. You can also make infographics on popular topics since they are more readable, relatable, and familiar with.

Don’t forget to promote your infographic to boost your site’s traffic. Talk to influencers and ask them if they can help you out in promoting your infographic with a backlink on your site.

Starting your own blog, getting traffic, and making it work can be challenging, but all of the techniques you learned here are worth it. Try these strategies, see how they work, and stick to what works for you.

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