Should You Google Translate Your Documents?

Do you know why you should never Google Translate important documents? 

Because is this what you will final up like. Translation: Because this is what you’re going to end up with

This can happen because their translations are based on a probability-based algorithm that doesn’t consider factors like cultural settings or proper formatting. And most importantly, it has no accountability to anyone (yes, that includes you)

Which is why it’s very risky to translate important documents on Google Translate. Want to know a much better alternative? 

Let us (Proper human beings with a creative & analytical mind) translate them for you!

Because there’s more to translating than just swapping out words — it’s more about understanding the intended message.

Here are 3 important things you need to pay attention to when translating a document:

Read through your piece carefully before you start

Before you start translating anything, be sure that you understand exactly what the writer is trying to say and how they are trying to say it. Try to understand the purpose of the text, it’s tone of voice, and highlight anything you think might be difficult to translate. And then you can either research any ideas or idioms in the text that you don’t fully understand or ask the writer to explain it to you. 

Translate meaning, not words

Some of the most comical translation fails happens when people offer a literal translation of the words in a sentence instead of its meaning — even when it doesn’t really make sense in the language they’re translating into. So pay close attention to the meaning behind idioms or phrases, so that your text won’t be lost in translation. 

Know your audience

And lastly, translators have to know their audience. You need to know who the original document is intended for, and moderate your language accordingly. Although it sounds obvious, this is where people sometimes slip up. But professional translators will be able to capture the feel of the original writing without problem. 

Here at TBP, our translators will make sure that the nuances in your message can be captured perfectly in our translation — so that your readers can easily understand your message. 

Need help translating a document? We’re here for you.

Start a project with us now!

P.S. Here’s something to brighten up your day. Check out these “Lost in translation” phrases!


German: Es ist mir wurst

Literal translation: That’s sausage to me

Real meaning: The speaker doesn’t care.


French: Ah, la vache!

Literal translation: Oh, my cow!

Real meaning: Similar to ‘Oh, my god!’


Spanish: Yo te conozco bacalao, aunque vengas disfrazado. 

Literal translation: I know you, codfish, even though you wear a disguise

Real meaning: Something along the lines of ‘I know your game!’


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