Gain Reader’s Trust by Writing with Authority

I need your help… Can I trust you? 

Of course your answer is yes, but WHY? 

Why should I trust YOU instead of my neighbor Jenny or my high-school friend Bob to help me deal with my severe candy-eating problem

Nothing to say?

Aanndd… you just lost me — along with your other readers. 

Writing with Authority

A writer’s most important goal is to convince their readers. And the best way to make your readers believe in you is by adopting a tone of authority in your copy. That way, your copy will sound truthful and will resonate with your reader’s problems and desires. 

Today, since I’m feeling all smiley (from that bag of candy I inhaled) I’m going to share a few pointers about writing with authority (so you can convince me that you’re the right person to help me with my candy addiction problem). 

Know your topic

Do NOT write about a subject that you have little to no knowledge about. Why? Because your readers KNOW when you’re bluffing. 

  • It shows in the way you explain (Confusing and lacking in confidence) 
  • How you use technical terms (Improper placement or overuse)
  • And the depth of the discussion (Surface-level)

So, stop being lazy, and do your research.

Back up your claims

It’s easy to say “You have to trust me, I’m a candy expert”. But that doesn’t make me (or other people) automatically believe your claims. But what if you do this instead?

  • Expert reference: “According to the Grinch university, eating candy will decrease your IQ by 10%. That’s why you need to quit, stupid” (Claims backed with the scientific fact)
  • Certification & experience: “I’m a certified candy-addiction therapist who has helped hundreds of people quit eating those unhealthy (yet delicious) candies” (Claims backed with recognition)
  • Testimonial: “Oh yeah, [YOUR NAME] saved my life! For years, I was a slave to the sugary goodness that is candy, eager to chase my next sugar rush. But finally, I am free!” 

— Willy Wonka, former candy addict (Claims backed with social proof)

Mind your words

Whhat will u thinking of me, if thiz is How i wryte?! (Translation: What will you think of me if this is how I write?) 

*poof* instant turn off, right? Grammatical errors, typing errors, and awkward sentences destroy your authority. People will see you as a careless slob who doesn’t know a single peep about what you’re talking about. So have some RESPECT for your readers and WRITE WELL.

So there you go! Through writing with authority, you’ll stand a chance in prying those candies off my fingers. I make no promises about quitting though!

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